"Amoureux de la Preservation" (Student Short Film) - Photography, Props, Catering, and Craft Service 

"For a Dark Skin Girl" (Series) - Two Girl Productions will be working on Season 1 - Producing "In Association with"  Nastalligion Productions     Check out our website here:  For A Dark Skin Girl

"The Voice on the GPS" (short) - written by Justin Bickman (copyrighted-2012) - We have had our first round of auditions. We are currently in Pre-Production for this Short Film and we are currently crewing up.       Check out our Facebook Page here:  The Voice on the GPS


I have a few projects that I will be doing but until I am under contract and the script is copyrighted, I will just list them as Project #'s.

Project #1 - (Trilogy) (SAG) - written by T.B.

Project #2 - (Internet Series) - written by J.B.

Project #3 - (Feature) - written by J.B.

Project #4 - (Feature) - written by R.M.

12 Shorts - (Under Contract - so more details when I can.) - "In Association with" Crystal Lyon Studios -        Position: Producer, Casting, Still Photographer, Actor

Switch" (short) - Working "In Association with" Orange Cat Pictures. This is already Cast. This will be a SAG Ultra Low Budget Project.   Position: Producer, Casting ---->>> Facebook Page

Educational Reality Web Series 



6.)  "Mr. Right Now" - Catering and Craft Service -    Sketchy Characters        IMDB        You Tube

5.)  "The Bourbon Whiz" - Catering and Craft Service - Website:     Sketchy Characters       IMDB

4.)  Relay for Life Video - For Ben Blanchard - Check it out here:   Video

3.)  "The Terminator:  Retired" - "In Association with" Pallo Productions     IMDB

2.)  Sponsor for the Cosmic Convergence Festival on December 21st, 2012 and Two Promotional videos Hosted by:  Giorgio Tsoukalos from the History Channel's "Ancient Aliens"     Video 1     Video 2   

1.)  Staff Photographer for the Wizard World New Orleans Comic Con

     a.)  January 28-29, 2012  -  See some photos here on our Facebook Page:     Day 1       Day 2

     b.)  November 30 - December 2, 2012 - See some photos here:  Day 1     Day 2     Day 3

     c.)  February 7-9, 2014 - See some photos here:  Day 1     Day 2

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