About Us

Two Girl Productions, LLC 

Two Girl Productions was founded buy two women who have a passion for the Entertainment Industry. It is now solely owned by Laurie Lee.

Along with our ever growing staff, we are combining our knowledge and forces to create an up and coming Independent Film Production Company based out of the New Orleans Area.

Below you can read more in depth about my experience in the industry.  Please check out my Crew page for their info.

Two Girl Productions is currently working "In Association With" two other local Production Companies. 

Also, individually, Laurie is currently working with and/or has in the past worked with a few local Indie Production Companies.  You can see who she is currently working with or has worked with in the past both individually and with Two Girl Productions below. 

Currenly working with "In Association With" Two Girl Productions:  Orange Cat Pictures and Crystal Lyon Studios

Have worked with individually previously this year (2012):  Louisiana Film Resources, New Guy Films , Sketchy Characters, Upperline Entertainment, LLC, Savage Light Studios, Cross The Bayou Productions, and I.C.E. Studios, LLC

Have worked with individually in the past:  The Hatchery Media


Laurie Lee 

Laurie Lee 

I guess you can say Laurie started in the entertainment industry back in Grammar School.  All throughout Grammar, and High School Laurie sang in both the School Choir and also the Church Choir on Sunday's.  She also dabbled in a few plays in Grammar School through CYO and took guitar lessons.

After many years, Laurie was curious about the Film Industry and started doing background work in Los Angeles.  She then started working in the New Orleans Area on the multitude of films being made there.

Since that time; Laurie has had a few small speaking roles in some local independent films and has done a couple of commercials.  But, her real passion is behind the camera.

She started working with several different local Independent Film Production Companies and over the years has worked a myriad of different positions including:  Producer, Production Manager, Casting Director, Extras Casting, Locations Manager, and Still Photographer.....to name a few.

In addition to owning Two Girl Productions, Laurie has a full time job and also works with other local Indie Production Companies helping them make their dreams come to life.





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