6/24/12  The 2nd Edition of Reel Nola Magazine was released.  It featured an article on page 5 about Two Girl Productions.  You can purchase a Digital or Print copy at

Here is a link to the Cover and the article on Two Girl Productions   ---->>>   Article

5/12/12   1st Round of Auditions were held for our short film "A Voice on the GPS".

4/20/12   Two Girl Productions was a guest on WGSO for the Hollywood South Radio Program

March 2012   Two Girl Productions will be Producing a film "In Association with" Orange Cat Pictures.  This is already Cast.  It will be a SAG Ultra Low Budget Short Film.  We are in Pre-Production and crewing up.  Check out our Facebook Page:  SWITCH

2/18/12   Two Girl Productions will be Producing a short film "In Association with" CPrince Productions.  This is in development at this time. 

1/18/12     Two Girl Productions will be holding Auditions for our first short "The Voice on the GPS" soon!  Check back for more info or make sure to check our Facebook Page:  2GP Facebook  

Jan 2012     Two Girl Productions, copyrights their first short. 

10/14/11     Two Girl Productions has their first contract signed for a short script.

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