"The Voice on the GPS"

This is a small independent short film.  There is no pay for this film.  You will be fed and get a copy.  We plan on enteriing this in some film festivals.  So, as soon as it is accepted, we will list it on IMDB and you will also get credit. Filming will be on weekends and will be approx 4-6 days total.

 Character Breakdown for Auditions BELOW: 

If you think you fit a character listed below then please email your headshot and resume to laurieleecasting@gmail.com for consideration for auditions.


#1  Please make sure to send attachments of your resume and headshot (no links)

#2  Please make sure to put in the Subject line "The Voice on the GPS" (and then put the role or roles you would like to be considered for behind that)

#3  Please DO NOT post info in the comments of any of the Facebook Posts

#4  Please DO Not send me emails on Facebook about auditioning. Send all emails to:  laurieleecasting@gmail.com - This is where I will be checking

Thank You

After you submit for a role, the audition information will be sent to those who best fit the characters. 

KEVIN - Already Cast (Justin)

CHASITY - (Caucasian, Mid-late 20's) - Friendly store employee who offers assistance to Kevin. She is married despite Kevin being smitten by her and her friendly demeanor.

n, Blonde, 20's) - Attractive young lady too good to be true. Think pageant queen or supermodel.

POLICE OFFICER - (Any Ethnicity, Preferably Male but we are open, Must be able to fit in an XL Short Sleeve Shirt and the pants are a 40x30) - Sits in a Squad Car looking for speeders - (NON-SPEAKING Featured) (If you want to try out for this role - when you email me please make sure you can fit in the size I listed above)

GUY IN PASSING VEHICLE #1 - (Latino male) - In Vehiclle with Guy #2. Think "Pothead" mentality - (NON-SPEAKING Featured)

GUY IN PASSING VEHICLE #2 - (Any Ethnicity) - In Vehicle with Guy #1 - Same Description... (NON-SPEAKING Featured)

MALE GPS VOICE - Must have good clear speaking voice (VOICE ONLY) (4 Lines)

GIRL IN PAVILLION - (Caucasian, Brunette, 20's) - Young woman having bad luck with love. Attractive but not a beauty queen. (3 Lines)

Character Descriptions written by the writer (Justin Bickham) 

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